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How To Create A Twitter Account

How to create Twitter account, create a twitter account
To create a twitter account following the steps highlighted here is super simple. However, before we dive into dissection of this step guide, we would have to refresh our mind on points revealed in the paragraph below.
Doing business online can never be complete without some levels of involvement of social media, notably, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, etc . Without social media marketing online businesses could have suffered set backs At this point, it is imperative to study how to create various social media accounts, particularly, the major ones among them. This article is limited to how you can create a Twitter account for whatever purpose you deem fit.
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Twitter is a very powerful social media platform. It is that powerful, because with just a 100 plus t0 max. of 280 character, you can actually stir up riot or call for peace or truce through your tweets, depending on how many followers you have got.
It is also regarded as a micro-blogging platform. Therefore, if you have an interest, (but low interest) on blogging, twitter will actually give you an insight into what blogging career could be in terms of keeping up with trends and time.
To live out your blogging fantasies, you could actually create a twitter account to start creating contents in micro format of 280 characters.
In addition, Twitter is being used by millions of global citizens for various activities: business, dating, socializing, etc. I do not see the reason you are still hesitant in joining this great social media platform which is ideal for business, in particular.
I know that by now as you are reading this piece, your interest in creating a Twitter account has risen. Now…want to create a Twitter account? Or, do you wish to understand how to create a Twitter account? Follow these simple steps below to create one for yourself or business. This article will show you step-by-step guide on  how to create a Twitter account.

How to Create a Twitter Account Steps

Step 1: Go to

This step should be your priority. Visit When the site opens (You will see a page similar to the screenshot below), click on “Sign Up”.

This is the screenshot of Twitter’s main page

Step 2: Twitter Sign Up Page

There might be a redirect to the following URL:

Next thing is that you will be asked to choose a name and phone, then you will have to enter your phone number. Alternatively, you can enter your email address in place of your phone number. Then click on “Next”.

Quick note: Your phone number or email address will be useful during Twitter account recovery process, should you forget your password, or in the event of hack attack, after creating your twitter account.

Twitter's sign up step 1 of 4
Twitter’s sign up step 1 of 4

Step 3: Confirm Twitter account (To Create A Twitter Account, This Step Is Crucial)

After going through the previously mentioned steps and giving a name and either a phone number or email address, then you will be given a confirmation code. I will assume you gave an email.

Twitter confirm email address. Check your email address for a code
Twitter confirm email address. Check your email address for a code

Then in your email  you should see a message something like the following:

Sample Twitter email verification with code.
Sample Twitter email verification with code.

Then copy the verification code, paste it into the verification code box.

Entering Twitter verification code.
Entering Twitter verification code.

Step 4: Create Your Twitter Account Password

Create a Twitter password.
Create a password for your Twitter account.

Choose a Twitter password. Then click on “Next”. Remember to make it a mix of letter, number, and possibly, symbols.

Step 5: Twitter Profile Picture

Pick a Twitter profile picture
It is time to upload a twitter profile picture. 

You are at liberty at this point on your Twitter account creation steps. Because, you can choose to upload an image, or to just click on “Skip for now”. It’s up to you. If you choose to upload an image, you will be able to adjust the image.

Twitter profile image set.
Twitter profile image set up.

After setting it up to your taste Then, click on “Next”.

Step 6: Describe Yourself – A basic Twitter intro / bio

Optionally write a brief description of yourself.
This is optional. However, if you decide to…write a brief description of yourself.

Next, you will be asked to describe yourself. This is completely optional. And you can do it at your convenient time. You can just click on “Skip for now”.

Step 7: Choose topics that you are interested in

Now, you can choose different topics that you are interested in to follow. If you don’t want to do this, you can just click on “Skip for now”.

Initial topics in Twitter to follow
Initial topics in Twitter to follow

If you choose to follow one or more topics, then click on “Next” when you are ready to move on.

Step 8: Suggested Accounts for you to follow

Twitter with then give you “Suggestions for you to follow”. This means, based on  the previous step, some suggested accounts you may like to follow. Choose as you like, otherwise you can skip this like in previous steps.

Suggested Twitter accounts to follow
Suggested Twitter accounts to follow

Step 9: Twitter Notifications

At this stage, Twitter will pop a question concerning whether you wish to get notifications. It will might say “Turn on notifications. Get the most out of Twitter by staying up to date with what’s happening.”

However, This is completely optional, and you can choose to change it later if you change your mind. Like in previous steps, if you don’t want to do this, you can click on “Skip for now”.

Twitter notifications
Twitter notifications

Step 10: Twitter Account (ideally) created

Ideally, you should now have created a Twitter account and be able to use it.

Twitter account created
Twitter account created

You should now be able to start tweeting. You can edit your account settings by clicking on your icon in the upper right of the screen, and then then clicking on “Settings and privacy”.

Twitter Settings and privacy
Twitter Settings and privacy

Step 11 – If your Twitter account is locked

If you account is locked for some reason, you will need to do some additional work to get your account set up. There are many reasons that a Twitter account might be locked, and is not much to worry about. It just takes a little more work to get the account back.

You may see a message like in the following screenshot.

Twitter locked account
Twitter locked account

Click on the “Start” button to continue on to a Google reCAPTCHA challenge.

Then, you will see a recaptcha page. Make sure to click on “I’m not a robot”.

Twitter recaptcha challenge. Check I'm not a robot.
Twitter recaptcha challenge. Check I’m not a robot.

Next, you’ll see the reCAPTCHA challenge. I happened to get one that told me to “Select all images with bridges.

Twitter bridges reCAPTCHA challenge
Twitter bridges reCAPTCHA challenge

After successfully complete the reCAPCHA challenge, you will likely see a page like the following.

Twitter reCAPTCHA challenge successfully completed. Click on Continue.
Twitter reCAPTCHA challenge successfully completed. Click on Continue.

Now, just click on “Continue”. Next, it will likely ask you to add a phone number or email for verification.

Add a phone number for verification with Twitter.
Add a phone number for verification with Twitter.

Twitter will likely change your country code automatically based on your IP address. Change the country code as needed though.

After you enter a phone number, you will likely receive a message to your mobile phone like the following:
“Your Twitter confirmation code is 000255”.

After that, paste in the code your receive to your mobile phone into the verification box.

Enter Twitter verification code.
Enter Twitter verification code.

After that, you should see a screen saying something like “Account unlocked”.

Twitter account unlocked
Twitter account unlocked

After that, you can finally get back to your Twitter account. You can tweet your first tweet. I chose my first Tweet to be “This is my first tweet for this account #myfirstTweet”.

Your first tweet
Your first tweet

Step 12 – Modify Your Twitter account as you like

Now that you have a Twitter account, you can do whatever you want with it. Twitter will give you a default username / handle. If you don’t like your Twitter username, you can change it via Twitter settings

Changing your Twitter username
Changing your Twitter username

If your chosen Twitter username is available, you should be able to change to it.

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In conclusion, owning a Twitter account is good for an online business engagements. Remember, online business is nothing without social media marketing. You might have the best business  website, but if you do not market it to the attention of the public, you will have only yourself, your friends, and members of your family visiting it. Reason: Because, you didn’t leverage on social media to drive home the awareness about your website and its business inclination. Now… no excuse, just follow this steps to create a Twitter account for your business and social affiliations. It is straight up here, staring at you.

If you love how i presented the steps on  How To Create A Twitter Account for your business, or personal interaction with people, please do share it with your friends.

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